Location: Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Today started out on a great note with Bittersweet Symphony as the wake-up tune. For those not so inclined on removing their physical forms from their bunks, a little more pizzazz was necessary, so Dragonforce came on to get everyone amped for their Oceanography test. After lunch, I conducted a double session of seamanship, where we practiced our navigation skills with a couple of set and drift problems. Set and drift is just a fancy way of saying the direction and speed of the current. The real fun of the day was the absolute storm I set to the greywater drains in the staff head. If you don’t know, greywater is anything that goes in the floor drains (shower water) and the sink drain. I also set up a zen garden for the raw water circuit for generator 1. All that means is I used some muriatic acid solution and a bilge pump to run the solution through the tank and hoses that bring the raw water through the generator to help keep the whole system clean. The end result was a swampy-looking zen garden complete with a waterfall, a light, and calming music.
The squeeze question tonight was what insignificant regret do you have that you think about still. We got everything from climbing onto the school roof, weeding out tomato plants instead of weeds, opening all the Christmas presents early, and then the most insignificant regret of not singing the Oscar Myer Weiner song to the Oscar Myer Weiner truck to get the Oscar Myer Weiner whistle. As we sat and reflected on the things in our past that may have been small and meaningless, we can’t help but dwell on the things we could have done and the whistles we would currently hold if we had just changed one small detail in our lives, like singing a stupid song to a truck that looks like a giant hot dog.

1. Marion and Ethan cleaning the deck
2. Claudia finding the distance the boat traveled on the chart
3. Anna’s reaction to a beautiful sunrise
4. My office view at the top of the mast