Location: Underway to SVG

Find a comfortable sitting position, close your eyes and imagine: You are aboard S/Y Argo for her second Atlantic crossing of the semester. The cabin sole gently rolls under your feet, the occasional lurch throwing you off balance. Sounds of water lapping and rippling are conducted through the hull and into your bunk, into the cabin that you share with either two or five others. You’re awoken by a fellow shipmate and roll out of bed for lunch, served at noon and accompanied by a changing of the watch. The sun glares brightly off the water, and the breeze puffs lightly at your back, just off the port quarter. You spend lunch with the other 30 members of Argo’s crew, comprised of 24 shipmates and 7 staff members. Lunch ends, and clean-up begins. People cheerfully go about the business of cleaning pots and pans, scrubbing the deck, detailing the interior. Clean-up ends, and academics begin, today being a day for Marine Biology and Seamanship. The Main Sail goes up for the first time this passage. The whole crew is on deck to help and admire. Class ends, and you return to your bunk for a nap, or perhaps to read and study. The day draws closer to an end with dinner, but life aboard the ship continues, four hours at a time until we reach the Caribbean.


Sam (Staff) with an innovative desk solution underway
Nolan, JP, Seve, and Ethan on clean-up in the Galley
Staff members Ben and Brham in Tenerife, posing in front of La Laguna

Current position: 23 54 81 N 021 16.18 W