Location: Underway to SVG

This is the tale of a tiny snail and a great big grey, blue sperm whale. This is a rock as black as soot, and this is a snail with an itchy foot. The sea snail slithered all over the rock and gazed at the sea and the ships in the dock. And as she gazed, she sniffed and sighed, “The sea is deep, and the world is wide. How I long to sail.” said the tiny snail. These are the other snails in the flock who all stuck tight to the smooth black rock. and said to the snail with the itchy foot, “Be quiet, don’t wriggle, sit still, stay put.” And the tiny sea snail sighted and sniffed but then cried, “I’ve got it, I’ll hitch a lift. Oh, look, a sperm whale, the perfect Uber” “oh, look, there’s Argo.”

And that’s the story of how we saw some sperm whales today around 08:30. And then also appear again around 14:00. On top of that, we also saw some dolphins and some mega cool flying fish. And the occasional bird.

Today we also put the main up, but then the clew was twisted, so we took it back down and then put it back up again, and then an hour later, we took it back down. Lots of sail handling practice! We also had oceanography and leadership class this afternoon. Margaux, Mo, Ben, and Claudia made some really good meals today: spicy white bean chili for dinner and fried rice for lunch. Margaux even made her famous snickerdoodle cookies with dinner.

1. Jake (as Smash) and Smash advising Andrew on the helm
2. Me overheating and needing my fan
3. The sky at dinner

Current position:
2129.91′ N
02234.50′ W