Location: Savanna Bay, Virgin Gorda

This morning started out overcast, but after breakfast and watching PADI videos briefing us on important information regarding SCUBA safety and training, the sun was out. Meanwhile, the three already certified divers aboard went for a dive in Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda, where we have been anchored since yesterday evening. After a quick lunch, those of us who were non-certified were divided into two groups; as Group One went with Kris to learn the basics of diving, Group Two was taught how to maneuver the 30hp dingy with Kevin, and vice versa later in the afternoon. The dingy was simple enough to operate, and everyone got the hang of it without too much trouble. Diving, on the other hand, was much more complicated. Taking masks off at the bottom of the bay (even if we weren’t much deeper than a pool) was uncomfortable, but the most nerve-wracking part of the lesson was having our tanks turned off and breathing from an octopus (or spare breathing apparatus of another diver). All this was an even greater challenge because of waves, wind, and stirred up murky water, but if we are able to do the basics under these conditions, we should be able to dive in anything! After diving, we swam back to the Ocean Star to shower and change for dinner. Everyone is looking forward to getting back into the water and graduate onto open water diving. Overall, it has been a day of firsts for many of us, first night sleeping in open water, first time breathing underwater, and everyone has risen to the occasion. Until next time