Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

We started off with some simple and effective yogurt with granola to get the day going. After breakfast, the crew split into two groups, rotating between learning about knots and continuing our confined water dives. After both rotations, the chefs served pasta salad for lunch. In the afternoon, we got an introduction to the science gear that we have aboard and that we’ll have the opportunity to use in labs and our group research projects in the future. Afterward, the crew shipped off in dinghies to the nearby beach, where we found evidence of living organisms and observed the qualities of the leeward side of an island. From there, the crew trekked across the island to the other side, where we climbed huge rocks and observed the windward side of the island, comparing and contrasting it to what we observed earlier. When we got back to Ocean Star, everyone took a break for shower time, practicing different dives into the ocean. As dinner approached, the crew buckled down to study scuba diving procedures for tonight’s quizzes. Dinner was among the best yet ravioli, garlic bread, and salad. Overall a full and exciting day.