Location: Mountain Point in Paradise

From day one this has been non stop excitement. From motoring over to Mountain Point and diving down to see a plethora of fish and coral, to jumping from the rope ladder, this was an amazing day. The weather was fantastic, perfect diving weather and lots to see. First off was an intense study session with Kris. We learned how to use dive charts and what we expected to accomplish with them. After lunch our crew split up into two groups similar to yesterday and while Group 1 was adventuring on the ocean floor Group 2 was working together studying or relaxing, enjoying this surreal spot. Our master chefs Abigail and Kris conjured up apple pancakes for breakfast, a creamy tuna fish salad for lunch and cheeseburgers and hotdogs in paradise for a sunset dinner. Overall this day is already an unforgettable memory; cant wait for anchor watch tonight and to start a new awesome day tomorrow.