Location: Phuket

Today was a day of lasts. It was the last passage, last anchor raise, last sail raise, last anchor watch, and the last sail flake. It was a final hurrah, a day a lasts, but also a day to celebrate. For we, the crew of Argo had sailed Argo 4,585 miles from Cairns to Phuket. The day started at 0520 when I went to wake everybody up. The crew staggered out of their bunks and into passage mode and raised the sails. Later in the day, I remember packing my bag and realizing that everything did not get into two duffel bags. I looked at them and realized they were mostly full of gifts. But then I realized that the real gift should be the experiences and the stories that you will tell. Argo is a sea-going vessel, and we are proud of her tenacity. I packed up today with the song “I’m leaving on a jet plane” in my head, never truly understanding why. I finally realized that this trip was coming to an end, and it made my heart turn over in awe and incomprehension. To put into words the love that we all felt for one another may seem impossible, but suffice it to say that each and every one of us will want to relive the good times. Simon had a few more words for the crew as he introduced the closing program, a tradition aboard Argo which happens on a penultimate night. Looking back on this day, at a final passage day that truly embodies the essence of Sea|mester, I am again filled with emotions that range from bliss to sadness. I know that this has been the time of my life. I hope that the crew shall not forget the connection we all have ingrained in our callused and windswept hands. The crew that is now sleeping below deck is the real team that no one can pull apart, no matter the distance, for we are a team of sailors, shipmates, cabin mates, friends, and racers. We are proud to say that we are the crew of Argo, Fall 2008. Get Some.