Location: Phuket

Today was a bittersweet moment for all aboard Argo; everyone is excited about going home and seeing family, but there was a feeling of sadness about parting from newly made friends, who by this stage of living in such close confines, feel very much like family. It has been a momentous trip, from the opening night barbeque 4,585 miles ago, way back in Cairns, to the surfing in Bali, the orangutans in Borneo, the king’s cup in Phuket, and now to our last day and night aboard our floating home. I wish you could all see Argo right now. She shines, the gunnels are polished, the doorades gleam, the galley is spotless. It has been a long day of tidying, cleaning, and packing, but once the hard work was complete, we headed out for a night of Thai food and hospitality. There is not much more to say. Your child, sibling, friend will. I’m sure they will regale you with stories on their return. But for my part, I would like to say thank you to everyone aboard for a great 90 days and for all the experiences we have shared.