Location: Marigot Bay, St Lucia

Hi everybody!! 🙂

As Ash mentioned in yesterday’s blog, last night, the crew of Ocean Star set sail from Saint Vincent to Saint Lucia. Most of the crew were excited about sailing under the stars, while others were hesitant about sleeping through the rough seas. My day began when Erin woke me up at 12:00 am for watch teams. The three-hour watch consisted mostly of Noah throwing up and Brahm teaching us about all of the different constellations. After a night of stargazing and helming, I went back to bed and woke up at 7:30 am to the sight of Saint Lucia in the distance. We lowered the sails (well, most of us anyway, some people were still asleep) and docked by a beautiful resort.

After a long night of bow watches, most people were exhausted and decided to take naps until lunch (myself included) while others played mancala on deck. After lunch, prepared by Max, Noah, and Julian, we had Nav Master class for what felt like 4 hours, but apparently, it was only an hour and a half. After we were freed from class, we all headed over to the resort pool to swim and tan. Then came the most highly anticipated activity of the day: shore showers! As much as I love ocean showers, after 44 days of them, a shore shower felt like a luxury.

Later in the day, the chefs prepared spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, and we all decided to go to the hotel restaurant for dessert, which is where everybody (except for me :/ ) is right now. Between free time by the pool, shore showers, and dessert at a waterfront restaurant, we were all more than spoiled today. Anyway, we’re all very excited for our first full day in Saint Lucia tomorrow and also for the fact that none of us have an anchor watch tonight!!

Until next time,

(Hi to everyone from home that reads this, I probably miss you)

Pic 1: Hanging out by the pool
Pic 2: Keaton, Erin, Katie, and me
Pic 3: Henry, Chris, and Johnny
Pic 4: Keaton, when she woke me up at 5, am because she was being so loud, but I thought that she looked cute, so I took a picture
Pic 5: Everyone in the never-ending Nav master class
Pic 6: Grady putting the sail covers on
Pic 7: the glorious dock
Pic 8: the boys
Pic 9: Me, Erin, and Keaton
Pic 10: Me, Erin, and Keaton from Ash’s perspective
Pic 11: Me and Keaton being adorable
Pic 12: Johnny
Pic 13: Keaton and Katie finally got some smoothies
Pic 14: All of the girls, out for dessert (except for me right now because I had to come back to write this blog)