Location: Marigot Bay, St Lucia

Hi again!
It’s been 18 days since my last day as skipper, and since then, we’ve done a whole spinny spin on the job wheel, so here I am again. Unlike last time where I had a day of night diving, classes, and an upcoming night out to report on, this time, things were much slower. We had marine biography in the morning and then oceanography and then nothing for the whole rest of the day. It was such a nice change of pace from our usual schedule of classes and diving, and we were even allowed to spend our free time at the resort we are docked at.

As soon as we were released from the boiling salon, we all set out on shore for our day of adventure. Everyone chose to spend their day doing different things. Topher and Max decided to start the shore day with a good nap in the sun by the pool. Katie also was seen dead asleep poolside- the phone just out of reach. Around 11:30, we all decided to get lunch at the resort restaurant. It was surprisingly nice to not be all eating the same exact meal. The local resort cat trolled at our feet for food and was successful in getting bites from Henry in exchange for tricks, we even considered bringing him back on board, but Steve is apparently more of a dog guy.

When we were done with lunch, it was back to the pool. A group of us decided to play some classic pool games like categories and have chicken fights. More of us still (your skipper included) went the nap route and have the sunburns to show for it. Max even strapped on the Chacos and went for a jog around the resort after being inspired by Katie. At 5:50, we all hurried back to the boat, coming out of the woodwork from every which way of the resort, as to not be late for dinner. Steve made toad in the hole, which, to be honest, despite it being the second or third time he’s made it, I’m still not sure what it is. It is delicious, though, and we had broccoli and potatoes to go along with it. Tonight we are looking forward to another round of freshwater showers with hot water where nobody even has to hold the shower head !! And then maybe some dessert at the cafe afterward. It was a nice relaxing day and a good change of pace for the crew of the Ocean Star.

Until next time (18 more days to be exact),

Picture 1: Katie poolside
Picture 2: Chris and Max very relaxed
Picture 3: Keaton, Addisen, and I in the pool (taken by the wonderful Katie)
Picture 4: An intense game of categories
Picture 5: Henry and his circus cat (Johnny won’t smile)
Picture 6: Ocean Star from up on the pool deck!
Picture 7: Johnny relaxing