Location: Green Island

After breakfast, we started off the day with a marine bio lecture. Then, we split into a couple of groups; the three of us doing Rescue Diver (Lucy, Geraldine and I) went down to watch PADI videos and review, while the remainder of the students had free time to catch up on work, or sleep. After lunch, the Rescue Divers went to run simulated rescues, while the Divemaster candidates went off to do Divermastery things. The other students again had free time on the boat. Josh managed to get some windsurfing in. The Rescue Divers finished up their scenarios, and took the exam for the course, all passing with flying colors. After dinner, we went to the beach to play pirates. Pirates is a modified version of the game Mafia. In pirates, everyone sits in a circle and closes their eyes. A few people are chosen as pirates, one as captain, and one as medic. The pirates secretly choose who they want to kill, the captain guesses whether one person is a pirate, and is secretly told if he is right, and the medic gets to save someone. After each round, everyone gets to vote on who they think is a pirate, and make them “walk the plank”, at which point they are out of the game. It was very fun, and filled with accusations, murder, and betrayal.