Location: Green Island, Antigua

It’s been another fantastic day aboard Ocean Star. After breakfast, we fed our minds with some marine biology knowledge of estuaries and then rocked into a day of diving. Green Island is a beautifully calm spot, surrounded on many sides by the reef. The Divemaster candidates took off to explore the reef and map a new dive site while the Rescue Divers dove into the open water sections of their course- learning to save other divers in need. Rescue is pretty fun- when you are not doing the rescuing, you try your best to drown the rescuer- generally resulting in fits of laughter- especially when Mike is involved. The afternoon brought more opportunities for diving, and those who didn’t dive took advantage of the wind to wipe the cobwebs off the windsurfer and shred some gnar. Our plans for a beach BBQ for this evening’s dinner were thwarted with the arrival of a nasty squall, bringing wind, rain, and a killer lightning show. While dinner was delayed because we had to reset the anchor- there’s something about a good rainstorm that energizes people and brings you together- you realize how much you rely on each other and that we’re really at Nature’s mercy. After Ocean Star was secure- we still had delicious burgers down below and will be finishing the evening with an Oceanography class. Today’s been like a science sandwich with some solid diving in between- quite a delicious day!