Location: Antigua

Today is Lucy’s Birthday! We woke up this morning for a lazy morning as we prepared to leave Nelson’s DockYard. We got new door handles for the heads, did some last-minute laundry, and topped off our freshwater tanks before we left. We ate lunch while on the dock and shortly thereafter got underway. Jack took Ocean Star off the dock and out of the harbor, and as we left, we could see the tide pools we explored a few days ago and Shirley Heights, where we ate dinner last night. Once underway, Kevin gathered us together in the cockpit for an MTE class on running fixes. He demonstrated how to plot a running fix, and as we motored along the coast of Antigua, each watch team practiced taking a running fix. When we arrived at Green Island, we created our schedule for next week. We ate dinner wearing party hats and celebrated Lucy’s birthday. After cleanup, we had OCB class down below before going back up to eat delicious birthday cake. To finish off our celebration, we took turns swinging a piece of rubber tubing at a piata hanging in the middle of the salon. Despite Kevin’s shenanigans with the piata line, Jack hit the piata square in the middle, and candy went flying everywhere. Ocean Star’s first piata was a success!