Location: Terreganu, Malaysia

Today was a day off to enjoy the atmosphere and culture of Terengganu. After breakfast of French toast and Nutella made by Erin and Tommy, we started the day with our MTE Navigation class. We learned about taking currents into effect when plotting our course. After class, we had the rest of our day to go onshore or use the port’s resort. Most of us chose to lay by the pool and read or study for our Geology quiz that we had after dinner. We had the usual afternoon rain that we’ve heard is common around here. After dinner, we took our quiz, and we had our OCE class, where we got to dissect squid and snapper fish. Beaks printed off diagrams of what to look for and helped us as we carved through the smelly fish. Some of us found this fun, while others chose to help only when needed. We also found various objects in the fish stomachs, like smaller fish, crab pinchers, and small squid. We then dissected the large squid that Beaks got for us at the market, and we used the pen inside them and their ink to write our names. We set sail for Tioman in the morning just in time to catch high tide out – so long Terreganu, Heritage Bay Marina, and the six-foot lizards that we’ve seen off the dock.