Location: Underway to Tioman in the Gulf of Thailand

In the morning, Dan went off to clear Argo out of Terengganu. Meanwhile, everyone prepared the boat for a 160-mile passage to Pulau Tioman. When Dan returned, we cast off our dock lines and made our way out of the channel, dodging one of the busy dredging barges. We were informed that over the past four years, enough sand had been dredged out of the Terreganu River to fill nearly 50 thousand dump trucks. Unfortunately, out at sea, there was no wind for the afternoon. We just motored through the haze that restricted our visibility to 7 miles. The haze has reportedly been caused by farmers in Borneo burning massive amounts of brush while clearing out new fields from the jungle. The wind finally picked up a bit after dinner. We were able to put up some headsails and motor, close-hauled through the night.