Location: Underway from Nevis to Grenada

Today was the first and only day in which we began and will end the day at sea, with no land in sight. The crew was split into three teams taking shifts of four hours on, eight hours off, team two being the best of the three, of course. These three teams spend their hours watching for ships that may be on a collision course, checking that the lines remained in the proper positions after continuously beating upon by waves, ensuring we remain on the proper course and otherwise making sure the ship runs as smoothly as it can. The ability to turn 360 degrees and see nothing but the open ocean is phenomenal. Every day up until now, we were always within sight of an island, always at anchor or on a dock at some point during the day. Now we are trapped on an 88 ft. ship until tomorrow when we arrive at Grenada. Some other firsts from day 19 are being joined by a small pod of dolphins as we cleaned up lunch, and the weather is finally allowing us to raise the jib. Despite the excitement from a day of sailing, such a small area is beginning to grow smaller. Much of the crew are growing impatient for their first sight of Grenada. I, for one, cannot wait to begin our next bout of diving and hiking on the new island.


Drew E.