Location: Underway to Grenada

As the sun rose,, so did Ocean Star’s crew, admiring Nevis’ peak standing high above the rest of the island, enshrouded by clouds. Like every day so far this semester, everyone was up early eating breakfast and then efficiently cleaning up, as has become routine. Once the deck was clear, the crew filed down into the saloon for leadership class with Ian. Because our plan was to leave Nevis by lunchtime, we all moved promptly into passage prep, securing benches down below and hoisting Irv and Exy (our two dinghies) up on deck, among other things. The jib, one of Ocean Star’s six sails, was attached and its sheets set up, in the hope that weather conditions would be favorable enough for its use during our longest passage of the semester. Upon pulling up the anchor and motoring out, both the main and staysail were raised, the fore following shortly thereafter. The crew then split into the three assigned watch teams and began rotations of four hours on and eight hours off. This will be the new schedule for the next couple of days, with everyone hoping for fair weather and calm seas as we make our way down to Grenada!