Location: Nevis

Today’s wake up started with the Tarzan soundtrack and pancakes for breakfast. After cleaning up, we continued working on our advanced open water diving by studying boat diving. This included different types of vessels that can be used as well as how to be safe scuba diving off boats. Next, we got ready to head to Nevis for a hike to the main water source of the island. The hike was beautiful through lush rainforests and deep ravines carved over the ages. We hiked up and down, following the main water pipe for the island. The hike to the source took two hours. Following a delicious lunch of PB&J’s and Pringles, some of us decided to climb a ladder leading up to another set of pools. It was a long and steep climb but totally worth it! The climb back down was much easier, and we stopped for cold water bottles at the bottom before heading back to Ocean Star.

Once back on board, we cleaned up and enjoyed a delicious dinner of barbecue chicken wraps before a Seamanship class to round out the evening. Tomorrow we leave for the longest passage of our trip. We are headed on a multi-day voyage to Grenada! I am so excited for what the rest of this voyage holds and to see all the new places we are going to visit.