Location: Nevis

After a hearty breakfast of bagels and cream cheese and after a class on Oceanography, we hauled up the anchor and began to make our way towards Montserrat. After some record-breaking sail raising by our mightiest crew members, we were ready for our journey. What began as a calm voyage gradually got more and more epic as we cut a path through the waves that had become rather agitated by the wind. One would not think to enjoy a meal while arm wrestling the sea gods into submission like the Vikings of old, but we did. The result of this windy mealtime was rice flying everywhere and a few queasy stomachs. The sea is a mighty mistress who cannot always be wooed, even by the masterful sailing of our staff members. The decision was made to reverse course and return to Nevis, soaked and salty by the spray of the waves.

Spending the time to make our mighty vessel neat and tidy again, we showered in the ocean and sat down to our meal of sea chicken (like land chicken but more oceany and epic) for the evening. Our wise leaders have decided that we shall stay and explore the island some more, seeing the sights, meeting the people, possibly taming and smuggling a monkey aboard the ship, you know, fun stuff. While it is unfortunate that we will no longer be able to go to Montserrat, we lucked out in places to get stuck, and everyone is anticipating the adventures to come. With our crew of eager sailors-in-training, we are sure to have awesome experiences as we uncover the secrets of Nevis.