Location: Nevis

Nevis, an absolutely stunning island that we have had the privilege of visiting these past few days. There is a large mountain on Nevis with a group of clouds covering the tip of the mountain that seems to never go away. Every morning we hear roosters and sometimes goats, which is a big change from home, but I have come to enjoy waking up to them every morning with an amazing sunrise.

Today for breakfast we had cereal then got ready for a day on the island of Nevis to go either biking, kayaking, or horseback riding. I chose to do the bike ride around the island, which was hard, but great at the same time. Ian, who was one of the staff members, had his bike chain snap halfway through the 17-mile ride, which was tough, though we managed to push on. About a mile later, we got to a long steep hill back down the mountain. I was flying down that hill, making all the uphill battles worth it. I would do that ride again any day. Biking on the left side of the road with the cars was so weird, but I got used to it very quickly, everyone does a small quick honk to say thanks or hi to people. It’s nice how friendly everyone is out here. I wish I could stay longer, but now we are off to Montserrat, a UK territory.