Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Today aboard Ocean Star we started our day at the wee hours of the morning with watch teams starting at 12am and 4am and at 8am and another at 12pm we were separated into 3 watch teams each one doing 4 hours on watch and 8 hours off to rest up. On watch team 2 we were greeted by the street lights of the island Saba as we passed by we watched the sunrise and we were hit by two small squalls. After the squalls passed, there was a double rainbow and many of the crew were excited to see them. We pulled into Charlestown, Nevis at around 2 o’clock and dropped anchor. For a couple of the crew members they were glad to see land again. We had a wonderful dinner with the volcano in the back round and the sunset in the back round creating pink clouds around the volcano. After dinner we cleaned up and watched one of our fellow crew members get a hair cut from our resident hairstylist team: Hunter and Anastasia. That’s all for now!