Location: Underway to Nevis

With every sunrise comes a new experience aboard S/Y Ocean Star. Today begins our first 20+ hour passage to the island of Nevis. After some yummy egg and potato casserole, we all clambered below deck for an Oceanography quiz and lecture in which we learned about the different properties of water. We then had a lecture on scientific writing. The excitement and nerves could be felt and seen in the passing of Dramamine and in the filling of water bottles. After a few intensive pre-voyage checks and preparations, we were off the anchor and out to brave the open ocean. The rest of the day consisted of different watch teams manning Ocean Star’s helm, boat checks, and LOTS of overboard casseroles. Most of the crew, still new to sailing, endured brilliantly through the rolls and the waves we encountered on this first overnight passage. Islands began to fade with the last of the sun’s rays as we ventured further into the squalling sea. The hours soon grew late, and the stars began to rise. The moon guided the ship and her crew to our next destination.