Location: Underway to Darwin

Although we are all aware that Captain Simon is a man of many talents, I never would have guessed that bread-making would be among those talents. We started off the day with a nice warm slice of homemade bread, compliments of our fearless leader. Delicious! It was another scorcher of a day today as we made our way across the Northern coast of Australia. The temperature was so hot that many of us were huddled in different areas of the boat, trying to find a small slice of shade. Early in the day, we had a visit from two dolphins who found enjoyment in swimming just underneath the bowsprit. After lunch and an OCE and MTE class, Simon hove to so we could all take a quick swim in the ocean to cool off. The water was a beautiful shade of blue and has never felt so good! Everyone was feeling 100% better after our dip and was ready to continue on our journey westward. Although we are a bit sweaty and sticky, the crew remains happy and healthy!