Location: Underway to Darwin

With no wind in our sails, we have been slowly motoring to Melville Island and then on to Darwin, Australia! I have still not wrapped my head around that I am on the other side of the world and in a totally different climate, to think it will soon be snowing at home (Morrisville, VT). If being about 100 degrees in the sun with no wind to speak of anywhere, Simon actually had to turn on the air conditioning in the salon during classes to (a) keep everyone awake and (b) so no one would pass out from the heat. As I sit here in the salon/galley listening to Queen and having the gophers sing along with me, I think about the day and how the things that we see are so amazing and beautiful. The squeeze question for last night was my favorite yet. It was “What is your SeaMester moment?” (see yesterday’s blog). I said that my moment was when we were in Thursday Island, and all of the locals were very kind and always wanting to have a conversation with anyone who walked by. But the actual moment was when I overheard two of the women talking about Argo like she was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen. It just made me feel so lucky to live aboard her, and I am happy that she takes care of us all.