Location: Departing St. Helena

The day started like any normal day on Argo. Everyone woke up to a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and stewed peaches before spending some much needed time to get assignments done. After a morning of food and work, we were given the rest of the day to explore the last of St. Helena before the festival for the RMS St. Helena began. Free time was spent hiking up Jacobs ladder, walking and exploring Jamestown, or playing multiple heated games of cards. Before we knew it, the festival started. The street along the water became filled with live music and small vendors. It was amazing to see the joy that the RMS St. Helena had brought the residents of Jamestown and how greatly it would be missed from their lives. Everyone was grateful to be a part of their celebratory goodbye.

The last moments on land consisted of everyone buying ice cream and soaking up the sun before heading back to Argo for our final passage prep. After a jump in showers and tricks off the bowsprit, everyone jumped in to help wherever it was needed. When passage prep was complete, we all mustered in the cockpit and received directions to raise the sails to start our passage to Fernando de Noroha! The raising of the sails sparked the RMS St. Helena to blow their horns to send us off on our journey. St. Helena sent us off with a warm goodbye and safe wishes.

After setting our sails, we ended the night with dinner and a sky filled with too many stars to count. For squeeze, we had to speak about what moment we would want to relive in life and an appreciation for something or someone. Many people said they were thankful for St. Helena and the people that treated us so well. I think we can all agree that St. Helena left lasting memories in our minds. With new watch teams and a new sail (cleverly called the Fishermain!), Argo is on her way for a second time to Brazil, and everyone on board is excited about the next adventure.

To my family, +dogs+ Carol- Guys, its just me! Love and miss you more then you guys know.
To my friends- Dont have too much fun without me. Ily all. Talk to you in 12 days.