Location: Jamestown, St. Helena

Following two action-packed days of snorkeling with whale sharks and scuba diving, Day 3 in St. Helena was time for us to begin preparing for our next passage. In the morning, we enjoyed the time ashore. Students shopped for souvenirs and snacks, explored the island, hiked Dianas peak, climbed Jacobs ladder, and enjoyed Wi-Fi access. We ate lunch aboard Argo and then began passage prep. The sails were uncovered, cabins tidied, belongings secured, drying lines cleared, dive gear stored, and systems checked. Provisions were loaded onto the boat, organized, and stored. Once passage prep was complete, we spent time under the sun, relaxing and swimming in the ocean. After watching another beautiful sunset, indulging in Argos finest cuisine, and taking the ICC certification exam, another exciting day aboard Argo was complete!

Tomorrow, we will join the locals in a historic event for the island: the decommissioning of the R.M.S. St. Helena (Royal Mail Ship), a vessel home to St. Helena that transports food, passengers, goods, and mail to and from the island. The vessel has run for decades and is treasured by the people of St. Helena.