Location: Savusavu, Fiji

Today was our first full day of diving since leaving French Polynesia. We returned to the site of last night’s dive to swim through the coral with a little more visibility. Through the morning and afternoon, three dive groups headed out the reef while the rest of the crew caught up on some much-needed sleep and studied for the afternoons VHF quiz. A plethora of fish was spotted on the dives, as well as sea turtles and an octopus. Huge thanks to Steve for running all the dive stuff today and Stephanie and Bryant for helping make sure nobody wandered off underwater. This evening, the last two groups will complete their night dives. The water is definitely colder than we are used to on this trip, but it’s worth taking the plunge to see the beautiful bioluminescence and fluorescence underwater. Fingers crossed that tonight’s groups get clear skies and warmer waters.