Location: Underway to Fiji

Another beautiful day following the South Equatorial Current. Day 4 or 5 of passage, depending on who you ask. It is still a heated topic of debate down below as to whether or not we should count on leaving at 10:00 AM last Wednesday as day 1. My day started by getting woken up by some unknown member of Watch Team 1 at 7:30 this morning. I climbed out of the companionway hatch at 7:50 along with the six other members of Watch Team 2 (The best watch team) to find a gorgeous clear sky – a perfect accompaniment to the endless blue void we call our home. Our 8-12 watch started with an exciting shark spotting by Tim, which seemed to inspire him to ask us to raise the flying jib. It gave us the opportunity to show why we are known as the secondary sail handlers of Argo.

Our watch ended at noon, and we were allowed a restful zero-minute break before heading to midships for a delicious Pasta Capri whipped up by Niko, Renee, and company. To end lunch, I had the privilege of announcing that Sundays are officially called Sunday Fundays for the rest of the passage as we won’t be having any Sunday classes. Instead, we were treated to an afternoon showing of Moana and popcorn – both were awesome. After that, deck showers gave us our daily dose of high-pressure saltwater to invigorate our afternoons before a wonderful hour of study hall. Dinner was served at 16:50, and I, for one, could not have been more grateful for a burger and fries. For dessert, we had my squeeze question: “What and where would be your last meal?” I chose chicken enchiladas and a Juice Bar Milkshake during sunset at Madaket Millie’s in Nantucket, but many other answers were far more interesting. Now we are heading into another night of watching the darkness. I could not be more excited for what’s to come.

PS: Miss you, Mom, Dad, Julia, Mattos, and Cisco!!!

Current position:
06 34.9837′ S
101 06.8497′ W

Niko, Renee, and Marina studying
Sam and Elie practicing good sunscreen use
Part of the gang during class in the salon