Location: Underway to Fiji

Once again, I find myself privileged to be the skipper of the day. This day was much like the ones before it, and perhaps it will be like the ones that come after. And yet, something is not quite the same. Why is this day different from all other days?

Today was a day of great precipitation. From midnight until dinner, the sky was not once free of approaching rain clouds. Today, the timeless question “should I go get a rain jacket?” was asked again and again, and the answer was always “yes.” Upon the passing of a squall, the bold and daring among us would quickly remove their stuffy jackets in relief. A quick scan of the horizon, however, would show this to be premature. Again would come the question, “should I go get a rain jacket?” and the answer would be the same.

Tonight was the first night of Passover, and as it is a tradition in these waters, a number of us gathered in celebration around the Seder bucket. Questions were asked, songs were sung, stories were told. All drank deep of the grape juice cup, ate their fill of the un-leavened saltines, and snacked on the bitter onion and cucumber slices. There was much rejoicing.

Tonight at dinner, I posed a question to the whole of the crew; if you were to set about designing a brand new creature to roam the Earth, what sort of being would you create? My answer was a large saltwater frog. A surprising number of shipmates iterated upon the horse: flying horses, underwater horses, horned horses, horses with the bodies of snakes, and so on. Upon reflection, I think would very much like to live in such a horse-full world.

Current Position
0542.90′ S
09816.15′ W

Izzy, Niko, Ezra, Una, Ellie, and Marina sharing grape juice
Lewis, Giselle, Gillian, Riley, and Renee sharing saltines
Argo sailing at a broad reach at sunset
Photos courtesy of Felipe