Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island, BVI

This morning began with an ocean of knowledge as the Ocean Star crew jumped into their first marine biology class of the semester. They discussed some of their upcoming assignments and jumped into an ecology lecture. After class, it was time once again to leave the dock. We easily slipped our lines and made our way across the Sir Francis Drake channel back to GHP (Great Harbor, Peter Island), the protected bay we had been before heading into Road Town. Lunch was had underway, and once Ocean Star was again safely secured on her mooring, the dive gear emerged from the laz. Students learning to dive jumped in to complete open water dives 1 and 2. We enjoyed some beautiful fish, and some were lucky enough to see a spotted moray eel and an arrow crab. The students are now only two dives short of completing their open water certification! Soon after, Max, Hunter, and Drew (who are already certified) along with Thomas (who is our resident professional snorkeler) headed across the bay to do a fun dive on the outer reef. We enjoyed our time and even got to see a stingray munching on some dinner. After a dinner of our own, we settled in to watch a documentary on Exy and Irving Johnson and learn a bit more about some of the people who inspired Global Expeditions Group programs. Altogether, it was another great day on Ocean Star, and I am excited and ready to see what tomorrow brings.