Location: Road Town, Tortola

It was a busy day for the crew aboard, as we awoke to the smell of breakfast burritos being prepared by our wonderful chefs Thomas and Drew. Everyone then packed up their lunches, and we set off on our next adventure onshore. The crew went to Good Moon Farm, an organic farm owned by a man named Aragorn. We were all very eager to get started and help out on the farm. The day was spent getting up close and personal with the Earth digging dirt and clearing out plant beds, weeding, and plowing the terraces where cassava plants would be placed. When everyone was done playing in the dirt, we headed back to Ocean Star, where we met Shanon Gore from ARK, a non-profit marine conservation group, who spoke to us about her work with coral reefs and sea turtle tagging. After everyone cleaned up from the morning work, we had some free time before dinner. We sat down later in the evening for our first seamanship class with our captain Eric. After class, the crew headed out for our first night out on the town!

~ Ciara S