Location: Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

It has been quite a special day aboard – and around – Ocean Star. Although “Boatmeal” started us off well, we had an exciting project to tackle just a short ferry ride across the Sir Frances Drake Channel. This day proved to be a major highlight of our Seamester adventure thus far. After an introduction to our Student Leadership Development class that culminated in thoughtful reflection about ourselves, our goals, and our comfort zones, we left the dock as a crew for the first time since our arrival. It felt strange to have the sensation of flat concrete under our shoes and even stranger to have shoes on our feet. We took a ferry over to the Valley Day School on Virgin Gorda, where we met Julie, a pioneering queen of the Caribbean Recycling Movement. We met some adorable kids attending the school. Much work was to be done, and some we readily set to our tasks of painting, carpentry, and other various projects. Upon our return home to Ocean Star, we were greeted with the delightful aroma of homemade Naan and coconut green curry. Thanks, Abby and Eric! We had our first Oceanography class after dinner. We learned boatloads of new material, and most importantly, ate the delicious brownies and cakes that Marina used during a lecture to demonstrate plate tectonics.


Nicole R.