Location: Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

Things are dropping into an established rhythm on Ocean Star as the students quickly find their feet amongst the roles and responsibilities of the day. This morning we were awoken by the mellifluous melodies of Odesza’s “Kusanagi.” I always picture the morning sun rising over placid water when I listen to this song, so I thought it appropriate to gently rouse the students out of their bunks with it. The morning got underway quickly, with a large 2-liter pot of coffee and a plate of bacon and eggs, and then it transitioned to confined water diving operations just as swiftly. The students continued the up-tempo pace of the morning in their diving skills training, mastering each skill as if they had been diving several times before. It is great to see a group so comfortable in the water so early. After a spicy jambalaya lunch, the certified divers went for a check out dive to brush up some old skills and to bring everyone onto the same page. They enjoyed seeing a large school of fish herded into the small bay by the hunting Bar Jack fishes. After all diving operations had concluded, we dropped the mooring and headed on into Road Town for the evening. Dive table class is currently happening up forward with all dive students because all of us could be a bit better with our RDPs. Things are settling in well here! I hope all is well back home.

Good Night
Ian M.