Location: Great Harbour Peter, British Virgin Islands

Today we set sail for the first time to experience what it feels like to coast through the water, the wind carrying us towards our next destination. After making it off the dock, we ate breakfast and learned how to raise the sails and change their direction as we spun in circles in the water. Once we made it to Peter’s Island, we finally got to jump off the boat and felt the Caribbean waters as we took our swim test. Those undergoing their open water PADI training then got their first chance to dip their heads beneath the calm shores of the island and experience what it feels like to breathe underwater. Hovering over the white sand with meters of aqua blue water above my head was beyond magical. Returning to the boat, we were greeted by those already certified, and we quickly ocean showered and prepped for our taco dinner. With the boat next door bumping the tunes, we got a quick lesson in proper boat etiquette and what not to do whilst in a peaceful bay. As the deck is cleared and cleaned after dinner, were headed back to our dive class so we can continue to explore the aquatic world underneath our feet.