Location: West End, Tortola, BVI

Ocean Star’s crew for the spring semester woke to their first morning onboard their new home. After breakfast, the crew broke into their assigned jobs during the first of many meal clean-ups. Under the guidance of the staff, the shipmates learned the finer aspects of what it means to be deckies, salties, gophers, stewards, and all the other daily jobs needed to be done to keep Ocean Star in good working order. After a quick meeting reviewing the expectations we have for our shipmates and our trip, the shipmates went to grab their Type I and Type V PFDs to learn about one of the most important pieces of safety equipment they’ll use during our voyage. After an awesome lunch of ABCLT’s prepared by Marina and Max, our open water students went below to watch the first of their open water videos and completed the first of their knowledge reviews. After this, they practiced setting up and breaking down dive gear to become more familiar with the equipment. Ian and I began the crew’s seamanship training, teaching them the basics of line handling skills that will soon become second nature. After a dinner of chicken wings and sweet potato mash, the shipmates participated in their first “squeeze,” where they all shared the things they are most looking forward to on our voyage together. Listening to all the different answers shared around the table, we’re reminded of all the amazing things we’re about to do and can’t help but be excited about our adventure together.