Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

We began the day early, all on deck at 05:30 and ready to haul back the anchor and set sail for St Lucia. Once underway, we broke into watch teams. My watch team (watch team 3) went first, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise over Bequia and a nice fresh breeze as we sailed towards St Lucia. At the change of watch, we were close to Walibou, the site of the set of Pirates of the Caribbean I. So we headed into the beautiful bay to try to catch a glimpse of Johnny Depp! We saw the famous town, water wheel, dock, and rock archway, so familiar to many of the fans. Watch Team 1, then enjoyed some squally conditions and large seas as we came out of the Leeward side of St Vincent. The rain cleared mostly for Watch Team 2, but the seas were still large and the wind fresh. The conditions today made for an exciting new challenge for the crew. As we approached St Lucia and the Pitons loomed ahead, we dropped the sails and motored into Soufriere. We were met by Peter, one of the park rangers for the SMMA (Soufriere Marine Management Area), and he directed us to one of their new large moorings. We are now moored up in the shadow of the Petit Piton. We’ve just enjoyed quiche and pot pie for dinner and are clearing up and getting ready for an MTE and an SLD class tonight.