Location: English Harbor, Antigua

I woke up at the unholy hour of 06:45 in the morning to be able to wake everyone up at 7-just to find out that everyone had already been up and getting ready- looks like they were excited to use the “fancy” toilets and showers in the marina’s bathroom for what we thought would be the last time. We gathered in the cockpit at 07:30 for a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausages, and tomatoes cooked by the iconic chef/captain Hedrek and his sous chefs Alex and Mia. After breakfast, we cleaned up and got ready to head out on our first hike of the trip (or, as Ash likes to call it, a low-key extreme walk, although I would strongly argue it was quite similar to sprinting up Mount Kilimanjaro). There is nothing like a solid uphill hike to remind you that you have been living on an 88-foot boat for the past five days, and your body is not used to walking more than 88 feet. The hike was absolutely gorgeous. It was breathtaking to see the island from a new perspective. When we got to the top of this “Kilimanjaro,” we found a shady spot to sit and do our first lecture for our Leadership class. Ash talked us through the syllabus, what we would be doing in the class, and more (all while on top of a mountain)! We even got to take pictures at the viewpoint and stop by a little souvenir shop near the top of the hike. We took a different route on the way back down the mountain and even got to pass through a graveyard where we made sure to pay our respects to Virginia’s friends (We discovered Virginia is our boat ghost). When we got back to the boat, we had the honor of enjoying a Caribbean lunch of Roti. After lunch, we gathered in the saloon for our Oceanography class taught by the one and only Sam. After class, we moved from the saloon back to the cockpit for a refresher on dive tables (tables you can use to track your nitrogen levels depending on the depth and time of your dive). Once we wrapped up with the tables, it was finally time… to move the boat to a new dock slip! We all got our roles- some people were holding fenders, some were people throwing and catching lines, some people were helping with the anchor, and everyone was taking in the chaos of docking an 88-foot sailing boat in some gnarly winds. Once we successfully docked the boat, we gathered in the cockpit once again for a delicious dinner of chicken and veggies. After dinner, we discussed our spirit vegetables, sang along to some music, and settled down for the night. Another AMAZING day here on Ocean Star, the vibes were high, we literally had a class on top of a MOUNTAIN that we hiked up to, the sun was shining bright all day (yes, mom, I wore SPF), and not a single smile got wiped from anyone’s face all day.
Signing off,
Rae C

1- The view on top of Lookout Trail
2- Breakfast on deck
3- Ela being aesthetic
4- Brett and Alex being models
5- Tables!!!
6- The squad
7- Leadership class with a view
8- Another squad

To mom, dad, Nacl, and Elle- I miss you guys so much! I am having the time of my life, and do not worry. I promise I am wearing sunscreen!