Location: English Harbor, Antigua

Though we weren’t able to set sail today, we got the chance to visit Nelson’s Bay during our first shore time. As we strolled through the shops and beautiful gardens, we discovered that the dockyard is a UNESCO world heritage site because it was a very important base for the English navy during colonial times (as early as the 1600s). For lunch, we got into groups and picked different restaurants. My group and I tried some local cuisine, like pork jerk roti: guava roll and Ting, a super refreshing local grapefruit soda. On our way back to the boat, we got distracted by a couple of goats and kids bleating and crawling up the hill. After our shore time, the non-certified divers got to scuba for the very first time, and certified divers snorkeled over a boat wreck. We also got to see an octopus! (see pic). Overall, it was really nice to see more of Antigua, especially to learn more about its history.

Picture 1 – The aforementioned octopus
Picture 2 The divers in the dinghies shuttling to take their first breaths underwater!
Picture 3- Some of the beautiful stars we get to see here each night
Picture 4- A morning rainbow
Picture 5- The local view from our local lunch