Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Wake up call at 6:40 marked day four for all 19 students onboard. After a fresh and healthy breakfast, we all headed off to Robben Island. A breezy ride on the ferry in seal riddled waters brought us to the isolated island. Similar to the famous Alcatraz in San Francisco, Robben Island is also known for its prison. As we headed to the high-security prison, an older gentleman greeted us and introduced himself as ex-prisoner and our tour guide of Robben Island. Arrested at 21, he was imprisoned for seven years for protesting. We were able to view the cell where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his life. We headed back to the V&A waterfront for lunch and had “Boat Intros.” This consisted of learning the main factors of Argo: the chart house, galley, and deck. Dinner consisted of pasta shells stuffed with cheese, salad, and garlic bread. Tonight ends nicely with our very first class, Basic Seamanship.