Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Our third day on Argo began early as we piled into vans and took off for Fairy Glen Safari. Our group of twenty-two strangers used the time to get to know each other a bit more and check out some wildlife that was foreign to most of us. Elephants, springboks, and rhinos were among the many exotic new species we feasted our eyes on. When we returned from safari, which included a delicious breakfast and lunch provided by the lovely staff at Fairy Glen (you’re welcome, dishies), we took some time off to take shore showers and hang on Argo. Once everyone was nice and clean, we took taxis up to the base of the Table Mountain cable car. We reached the summit just in time to enjoy a squeeze, dinner, and the first of many beautiful sunsets. As we were getting back on the cable car to head back home, one of the employees referred to our massive group as a family. Perhaps he was kidding, but maybe he could see on our faces that we were ready to become a unit. I’m excited to see which holds true.