Location: Cape Town, South Africa

The first 24 hours onboard Argo always seems to pass by in a flash. Actually, the same can be said for the semester as a whole. We pride ourselves on packing so many incredible adventures and teachable moments into a 24-hour period that the 90 days are exactly that, a series of 90 consecutive adventures. Life on Argo begins with spending some time getting to know your surroundings, your peers, and realizing exactly just what you can achieve over the course of the trip. It’s not just about the 5.5 thousand nautical mile journey we are about the embark on; shipmates quickly realize just how much there is to take away from the proverbial table.
Today was all about introductions – an introduction to boat life, an intro to the amazing world of marine sciences, and an introduction to the student leadership class, all taught by our passionate instructors. In between classes, the crew had a chance to walk around the beautiful V & A Waterfront here in Cape Town. After a delicious supper, we are all now busy packing our day bags ready for an early morning start as we set off on SAFARI.