Location: 10 58.89'S 14 44.30'W

Since yesterday, we have traveled 159 nautical miles. Everyone is much more accustomed to passage life now. The morning started with a beautiful sunrise that sparked some people to get some much-needed laundry done. Lets just say doing laundry when the boat is rolling is easier said than done. Lunch was polenta bake prepared by Lauren, Harrison, and Ben. Everyone devoured the pans, as it would give us enough energy for our oceanography quiz that followed (mom I think I did well). After we all aced the quiz, Lindsay followed up with a competitive game of jeopardy to prepare us for our upcoming midterm. Watch team 2 won after a hard-fought battle. We ended classes with a marine bio lecture, which left everyones brains a little exhausted.
After classes, the day ended with deck showers and some free time that was spent either in the sun, reading a book, or getting some work done. Another delicious meal was prepared by the chefs of the day: pigs in a blanket with green beans. The squeeze question was what is your favorite holiday and why. Answers ranged anywhere from Christmas to Greek Easter. As the sun set and everyone rolled into clean up, music was turned on full volume and we danced till the sun went down. Everyone is eager for our first holiday spent on Argo: VALENTINES DAY!

Till the next time, I am skipper two days in a week!

To my family- yes it is me again, still Love you!!!! Give Irish, Hank, Tulla, and Guiness big kisses for me. Talk to you in 9 days xo