Location: 10 09.32'S 16 29.48'W

Happy Valentine’s day to my family and my dear friends from Europe and America. I miss you all very much. Day 31 out of 90 started off with an abrupt midnight wake-up for a four-hour night watch. Our jury-rigged ‘fisher-main’ sail crash jibed on the previous watch, which caused a change of course in order to keep the sails full. Since we stopped motoring, helming has become a more arduous task because the repercussions of a crash jibe are much greater when sailing, as we previously learned. Watch ended at 0400, and team 3 went straight to bed. Again, I was abruptly woken up that morning by Argo’s very own, P. Dizzle, informing me that we had two Mahi-Mahi hooked, one female and one male. The male slipped through our grasp because we couldn’t slow the boat down, and our fishing line was too thin, but we ultimately secured the baggage. As soon as the female was on deck, our friendly neighborhood fisherman, Harrison, began filleting the meat. In the heat of the moment, the five fish enthusiasts ate some celebratory Mahi sashimi; then, we dissected the stomach to figure out what she had been eating. We then figured out who our Valentine’s Day dates were, whether we liked it or not; inside the stomach was a massive tapeworm, three nematodes, and hundreds of other segmented worms. Tapeworm gang remains confident that we won’t get any worms in our tubes. Afterward, we had our first formal class-wide navigation lesson using the Chesapeake Bay area as a practice chart. Once we became nav masters, we had a rare moment to study independently, as we have research papers due in a week or so, as well as an upcoming oceanography midterm. On deck, showers have warmed up considerably since South Africa, but we all anxiously anticipate the jump in showers to be had in the Caribbean waters. Dinner consisted of some delicious yellowfin tuna caught off the coast of St. Helena again by our dedicated fisherman, Harrison, complemented by some intense swells that just made everything so much more difficult signing out for another 2000 to 0000 watch. Cheers. (Photos courtesy of Lauren)