Location: Peter Island, BVI

Its difficult to really pinpoint where yesterday ended and today began. After a full day in Saba yesterday, we set out on our final passage of the trip around 7 PM on course for the BVI. We sailed through the night, quickly settling into our 3 hours on, 6 hours off watch schedule, and arrived in Virgin Gorda around 7 AM. We dropped the sails and set our anchor before getting ready to go to a place known as The Baths, which is a spectacular labyrinth of rock formations lining the shoreline, perfect for climbing and exploring. Luckily, we all found our way back to the beach to be picked up and ferried back to Ocean Star in the dinghies. We motored to our next stop of the day, Salt Island, while eating a delicious lunch of Ramen Noodles with egg and veggies (grown-up Ramen, as Marina calls it). Once we anchored, we set up our dive gear and got ready to check out the RMS Rhone. The Rhone is a famous wreck dive off of Salt Island and the home to lots of awesome fish. We saw barracuda, reef sharks, parrotfish, squirrelfish, and of course, LOTS of sargassum on the surface, which got stuck in our hair and made us look like mermaids. After our dive, we picked up our anchor and headed for GHP, Great Harbor Peter, where we were spending the night.

It is beginning to sink in that our trip is coming to a close. Tonight we went over the schedule for the next two days, and it, unfortunately, includes packing, cleaning, and moving out of our Ocean Star home and away from our Ocean Star family.