Location: BVI

Six hours into our day, our final watch time moors the boat at the Baths in the BVI once again: we may have returned to our final destination, but the adventures are far from over. With the beginning of marathon day, we started off with a hearty breakfast followed by an even heartier clean-up sesh for our beloved Firebolt. Elbow grease and our cohort were ready to go ashore to the baths: also known as one of the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean, and boy did it deliver. The beautiful rock formations could only be accented by the even more beautiful water. The area was bustling with people from all over, and after a short dinghy ride and a wake-up swim, we were in the maze of towering rocks, as if the beach itself had built a castle. As we traversed through and around the area, we saw some amazing views, and before we knew it, we were back on board, heading towards The Rhone: the location of the dive site for the infamous unsinkable ship. BUT BEFORE we did that, the most awaited moment of the entire voyage was finally here. We were picking up Britt, our fearless captain’s wife, and let’s just say we found out who REALLY should’ve been captain on the ship.

Fast forward to the Rhone, we picked up some dive gear from our friends on Ocean Star, and before we knew it, we had our first Firebolt family dive, and it was the party we expected it to be. The wreck was spectacular. There’s nothing like a ginormous steel structure completely and totally overtaken by nature to remind you of how powerful the world we live in really is. We hoped on board once again for our last sail of the day to the GHP, where we returned our dive equipment sat down for dinner, and had our final closing of the program. But we can’t spill all the beans, so we’ll keep that part as a secret.
I’ll be home in two days; mother, you can stop worrying now.