Location: West End, BVI

Bright and early at 6 am, the Ocean Star crew awoke to our final day. Our morning began with preparations for our final sail and departure tomorrow. After our simple cereal breakfast, we met up with our fellow Sea|Mester brethren from Firebolt to begin to put up five sails, the Main Sail, Foresail, Staysail, Jib, and Flying Jib. Putting up the first three went smoothly and quickly, as our long familiarity and experience over our voyage prepared us for such an event. With three of our sails up, we left Great Harbor Peter, and the preparations for raising our last two sails for the day began. Our crew had never sailed with five sails before, and only a few had sailed with four; thus, the atmosphere was tense with anticipation. Ocean Star erupted with the sound of shouting voices and loud winds as the command to raise the sails was given, lines began to fly in the wind, whipping around and only being held down by the will, muscles, and determination of our crew. As crew members maneuvered around the deck as one fluid unit, tending the lines, the sails finally caught the wind, and our last graceful voyage began. A few trips across the bay and skillful tacks later, we returned to Great Harbor Peter to return the Firebolters to their home. After hauling down the sails, we set out to return to the dock where our trip all began.