Location: Koh Wai, Thailand

After an extremely turbulent of being tossed around in our bunks all night, we woke with sleep still in our eyes. But today brought a new beginning after finishing our 20 plus hour passage from Koh Phai. We anchored at Koh Chang and realized that it was still too rough so we motored about 45 minutes to Koh Wai. The island was beautiful. We couldn’t wait to get out and explore but we first performed “boat appreciation” by cleaning off all the salt water from our passage. After that we were given the choice to take the dinghy to the island or to stay on the boat and nap. Luckily everyone was up for some exploration so we went to the island and went on a hike. We saw beaches covered with dead coral and beautiful coconut palm trees. To cool off everyone headed to the resort’s outside restaurant to get some food and fresh smoothies – delicious! We headed back to S/Y Argo and had an oceanography class, showered by jumping off the boat into the water, ate dinner and then had our MTE class. It was a great, relaxing day! PS Hi Gina!