Location: Koh Chang, Thailand

Breakfast was a wind sponsored event, cereal flying all over the place and papaya racing the melon to get off the top of the charthouse. After a short but rolly motor to Koh Chang we anchored and got people onto shore for the first full day out since Bangkok. The main event was Elephant riding into the jungle and a natural pool where you can swim with them, as comfortable in front of the camera as professional models the elephants and shipmates struck poses to put Zoolander to shame. After that a trip to one of Koh Changs’ many waterfalls for some swimming and relaxing with ample shopping and eating opportunities on the way back to the boat. A few large squalls kept others busy during the day but as evening arrived the weather calmed down. A nice night out in Buddha View topped the day off with good food and a chilled out atmosphere staring at the fish through our glass tables and they even have Banana splits!!