Location: Singapore

The crew awoke to an early arrival in Sentosa Island, Singapore. As if we weren’t excited enough by the prospects of land and a new city, Simon broke the news to us that we would be docking at a ritzy, upscale marine. With flat screens in the bathroom, showerheads the size of dinner plates, and complimentary perfumes/colognes, the facilities definitely did not disappoint. We spent our morning after docking, giving some love back to Argo with an intense boat appreciation session. Argo gleaming, the staff set us loose on the city until dinner. Those of us who could tear ourselves away from the infinity pool and the lounge-style bathrooms took the free shuttle into Singapore proper to experience the largest mall, maybe ever. A literal compound of consumerism, 2 hours later, shipmates emerged looking shell-shocked and a little worse for wear: so much techno, so many colors, so much merchandise. Luckily there was a particularly special night out waiting in the wings to help with recuperation. Argo’s entry to Singapore marked her completion of her first global circumnavigation, so this night out had been dubbed her “Around the World Party.” And I’d like to think that every shipmate did their best to honor this occasion to the best of their ability.