Location: Underway to Singapore

Last night was one of the most unique celebrations I have ever experienced. It must have been quite a sight to see all 26 of us up on deck at midnight in our “swimming costumes,” with Simon standing on the cockpit dressed up as Neptune with a fake beard, sarong, and a metal pole. We all made a sacrifice to Neptune by throwing something meaningful overboard, which for me was the rest of my seasickness patches. This was only half of the induction ceremony to the Northern Hemisphere, and we didn’t know what else we were doing until we saw Kate brandishing the firehose. We had to scramble under a tarp that was raised on the deck, and at the end of the tarp, we got a lively spray from Kate. It was kind of an odd way to cross the equator, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The rest of today was just a normal passage day that was unfortunately dominated by the motor, but we are less than a day away from Singapore!